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Please tell us about Tegeta Travel and the content of its business.

“Tegeta Travel” – we guess you've never heard about us before, right? Well, please meet the newborn company of XXI century, which from its birth knows everything about modern business life, trends, interests, tendencies, incomes and outcomes - everything humans have created and investigated through the years and centuries. We know this could sound too artistic and pathetic, but it is true. Just look at your children, from an early age they know how to use gadgets in an appropriate way and sometimes they even teach us how to use them efficiently. Thus, age doesn’t mean much in our modern life, but vision, skills and abilities do matter a lot.

What could you tell us about Georgia? Why should tourists visit your country?

We show our guests a beautiful, unique and unforgettable country that tastes like childhood, feels like freedom, smells like wine, and takes you to the places where ancient and modern elements meet together in the buildings, museums, streets, gardens, hotels and through people. Here you will discover how it's possible to keep the traditions on the way of going towards the modern era.

What is your product looks like and how is it different from others?

Arranging unrepeatable events, incentives and meetings make our product completely unique and different from others. You could become a part of the group of Georgian National Dancers, learn how to prepare local dishes or harvest grapes in the vineyards and produce wine, see how Georgian Kvevri is created, meet people involved in Art, Music, Fashion, Sculpturing, which enables you to create unforgettable experiences. Do you like sports and adrenaline? You have a chance to enjoy rafting, paragliding, horse-riding, helicopter tour… Let us keep something in secret and surprise you through the adventure in Georgia.

We arrange a very unique and special program for MICE groups. We follow the business style, preferences, interest and aim of each particular company. As our mission is to provide a high-end, personal and inspiring experience, we bring people to the business objectives and move companies towards their goals.

Who are your local suppliers and partners?

We cooperate with the most valuable, professional, high-end service provider chain and boutique-style hotels, restaurants, transportation companies and related product suppliers highly experienced in the market. We ensure appropriate design and style of the venue in terms of event and etiquette. We provide very professional drivers as well as assistants or guides, who are fluent in different languages.

Tell us about your team, please.

Tegeta Travel team consists of a group of people who is in love with their country and profession as there is no other way of doing this business without these. Each of them is very different, creative, enthusiastic and professional with more than 10 years of experience. You feel the personal and creative attitude when getting the ready-made product from our professionals. Planning to visit to have a Georgian experience and feel the South Caucasus atmosphere? We are at your disposal!

Say YES to Georgia means saying YES to the best experience in the county, known worldwide for its hospitality and adventure.


Contact us today and let us show you how business tourism could take your company to the next level:

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